Thailand Bhutan Friendship Drive • คาราวานรถยนต์สานสัมพันธ์ไทย-ภูฏาน Connecting the Two Kingdoms by LandRoad Expedition

#Day1 Thailand-Bhutan Journey
#Day1 Thailand-Bhutan Journey :

Journal • Jun. 21, 2019
Jun. 21, 2019 @ Thailand-Bhutan Journey "From Bangkok, Thailand Heading to Mae Sot, Tak, Thailand"

The first day of the Bhutan-Thailand Friendship Drive took 8 hours with 473 kilometers from Bangkok to Mae Sot, Tak, Thailand. Driving by 6 Thai Rung Transformer cars - Thai made vehicles that has boasted the appearance throughout along route on Phaholyothin Road.

After doing religious ceremonies to enhance the auspiciousness at the beginning of Wat Benjamabopit at 8:30 am, the caravan was leading by H.E.Mr. Tshewang Chophel Dorji, Royal Bhutanese Embassy of Thailand.

The caravan was heading out from Bangkok on the Phaholyothin Road received well participation from the department of highways police who came to help with the maintenance throughout the Journal. Even though it was the first collaboration, everyone worked smoothly.

At the first rest stop point, the ambassador of Bhutan changed the outfit from the national dress to the yellow shirt of the team at the PTT gas station in Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya province. Then we headed to Ang Thong, Sing Buri and Chai Nat to Nakhon Sawan province, leaving the city bypass to Kamphaeng Phet province.

Travel for half a day, the first meal of the people at Gin Pla Thung Sethi Restaurant with various menus, the caravan team said that here has the fresh fish, delicious, and not fishy. That was a really impressive energy fulfilment.

Then we headed out from Kamphaeng Phet province into Tak province. We have visited the shrine of Phra Wua temple, which is the one of Thailand's history in the nation of King Taksin. We offered sacrifice with jasmine garlands respectively.

Heading into Mae Sot District, we had a dinner at Chomuang Restaurant, that the Tourism Authority of Thailand organized a menu of fresh grilled river shrimp with seafood dipping sauce. After fully energizing, we entered the Fortune D Hotel, we were relax to prepare ourselves for tomorrow trip, travel across the border along the Moei River, heading to Toungoo, Myanmar.