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#Day2 Thailand-Bhutan Journey
#Day2 Thailand-Bhutan Journey :

Journal • Jun. 22, 2019
Jun. 22, 2019 @ Thailand-Bhutan Journey "From Mae Sot, Tak, Thailand Heading to Taungoo, Myanmar"

The second day of the Thailand-Bhutan Friendship Drive journey of the Thai Rung community. The group departs from 8.30 am from the accommodation in Mae Sot District, Tak Province.

The key important factor of traveling by car is the vehicle performance and condition must be ready. Our Thai Rung cars were Thai-made since the designing, assembling, and calculating the engine performance. Therefore, Bhutanese Ambassador of Thailand chose Thai Rung Transformer car model to be the vehicle to transport everyone of our team to visit Bhutan - which is the World's only carbon-negative country.

In this morning, everyone woke up with the good health that is not different from the vehicle, and deliver the documents to submit the car's departure to cross the border of Thailand-Myanmar and presenting an international driver's identification card to government officials at the border.

We stop at the middle of the bridge along the Moey River to take beautiful photos as a souvenir before leaving. Bhutanese Ambassador decided to have the long travel, to arrive on the destination in the evening - not that late. Along the way of our driving trip, we had memorized the beauty of nature on both sides, forest, with a little rain in neighboring countries periodically.

We had dinner with a delicious local meal. The special dish must be raised is the stir-fried Fresh Fish with curry followed by soup. We departed from the restaurant heading to the temple - which is a place of worship for local people. The temple is filled with Buddha images that are full of faces. Body texture, golden skin, glittering and having peaceful eyes. If standing at the entrance, looking at the bottom will see a 360-degree view of the wind. cool air. There is a drop of water from the cave wall, like to bless the visitor after worship continues to travel.

The car ran to the roundabout intersection to decide to head between Hongsawadee-Mandalay and Yangon, with only 62 kilometers remaining. But tonight we will sleep at Taungoo, Myanmar. We arrived at the hotel at 9.00 pm.

Our hotel tonight is named Royal Ketmawadee. The ambiance is a blend of local art with the woodwork perfectly, also with hotel facilities both bathtub with cool air.

The distance is over 500 kilometers and the time is 13 hours. For today, this was the time for relaxing, prepare ourselves to travel to Mandalay just only 300 kilometers tomorrow.