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#Day3 Thailand-Bhutan Journey
#Day3 Thailand-Bhutan Journey :

Journal • Jun. 23, 2019
Jun. 23, 2019 @ Thailand-Bhutan Journey "From Taungoo, Myanmar Heading to Monywa, Myanmar"

Begin the third day of the journey from Taungoo to Monywa. Along the route of over 400 kilometers in Mandalay, surrounded by temples and attractions. Although it is an old city, here was known as the old palace of the King of Myanmar. The state of the country is clean and feel comfortable with welcoming visitors by friendly people. We are still seeing an feel the ordinary culture of that era.

Visit to pay homage to the Shwansandaw Pagoda which means to the golden hair of the Buddha. The distinctive feature of the temple in Myanmar can be observed that there are some small pagodas which these pagodas will be in the wide area surrounded by an arch that is enshrined throughout the Buddha image.

On the way on the Super Highway, there will be car stops accordingly along the road. There are a lot of local products were selling, especially fruits, flowers, beans, boiled, boiled eggs, to native durian Have a chance to try the taste. It's similar to Thailand's southern durian, our home has a very sweet taste but is full of sulfur.

After filling our energy with the local lunch, we continue on to Mandalay which this city has a lot of temples and all are famous temples, as the destination for tourists as well, especially the Phra Maha Mai Muni Temple, etc.

There was our great opportunity to respect the relics, the clavicle of the Buddha at Mandalay Sarin Temple.

After paying homage, we were set out on full power on the path that required driving expertise skills. Experience the dark road and motorcycle is riding dangerously, therefore we are aware of more safety.

Stop for dinner at a small restaurant along the way, some people might not like much for the local food. After our stomach had been full, we check-in at the hotel at 9.30 pm to prepare and refresh ourselves for traveling to India in the next day.