Thailand Bhutan Friendship Drive • คาราวานรถยนต์สานสัมพันธ์ไทย-ภูฏาน Connecting the Two Kingdoms by LandRoad Expedition

#Day4 Thailand-Bhutan Journey
#Day4 Thailand-Bhutan Journey :

Journal • Jun. 24, 2019
Jun. 24, 2019 @ Thailand-Bhutan Journey "From Monywa, Myanmar Heading to Tamu, Myanmar"

"We are the first group of Thai people, who arrived in Tammuray at the border of India."

This is the proud voice from our team said, that made us forget the exhaustion throughout our long journey 13 hours along with the warm hospitality and friendly from the local people here.

Throughout our journey could be called a hard road trip. The ground has the gravel with rolling stones. Some are sandy soil, there are many styles that our caravan to pass this experience. Surrounded by mountains that have the collapse surface, that made us see the mountains in many strange ways which we never saw before.

Even though the path is cruel to our road trip, our 'Transformer' caravan did not make us disappointed. Our team with the car still keep going on the road in all directions along with the people. Another impression of this trip is from the kindness of local people here. Obviously like the restroom, no matter where you knock any house, we always receive a smile and welcome to their like home.