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#Day5 Thailand-Bhutan Journey
#Day5 Thailand-Bhutan Journey :

Journal • Jun. 25, 2019
Jun. 25, 2019 @ Thailand-Bhutan Journey "From Tamu, Myanmar Heading to Kohima, India"

Day 5 of our caravan journey from Tamu, Myanmar to the Kohima, India. The total distance is over 300 kilometers, although the distance is not too far, it takes quite a lot of travel time. Because it is a winding path traverses the mountains. It was considered to be a good measure of passenger power, because if our health is not much ready, we may a problem with dizziness. But it does not seem like our problem with us anymore. Our luck that everyone collects full energy, therefore we are excited with the surrounding scenery throughout the road instead.

Obviously, most people here are still farmers. Observe from the side of the path to see the rice or corn fields covered all area here. Surprisingly, the nature of this place is still lush with forests. We almost never saw a bald mountain remaining within one area. Houses are hand-made from bricks and large hardwoods, similar to the house in Northern of Thailand.

In addition of the two sides of nature, another thing that can be seen is there are the armed soldiers throughout along the road, which these soldiers were responsible for taking care of the local people, similar to the three southern border provinces of Thailand.

Travel to Nagaland, this is a big and amazing city. Houses were built and arranged next to each other on the foothills to the top of the mountain which are in several square kilometers. The route is a two-lane road - in contrast to the number of cars that are abundant in this area. People here prefer to use small cars, Suzuki or Tata. With a large number of cars and populations, the traffic lights don't work well here.

Today's dinner, we are honored by a transportation company in Nagaland to host our dinner in a relaxed atmosphere, and we have fun in a simple singing party with heavy spices and rumors of Indian food.