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#Day6 Thailand-Bhutan Journey
#Day6 Thailand-Bhutan Journey :

Journal • Jun. 26, 2019
Jun. 26, 2019 @ Thailand-Bhutan Journey "From Kohima, India Heading to Guwahati, India"

At 10:00 PM, the caravan arrived at the border of India, to prepare ourselves to enter Bhutan, after a long journey from Guwahati from early morning.

Guwahati is an important frontier city of India. The city is a typical port city. Trading diverse in multi-nationalities, obviously seen from the dress which has similarities to the nearby city, more than the traditional dress. The Traffic is crowded, causing the caravan had a delay for an hour to move out of the city.

Raining throughout the route, which makes the air today quite cool. It is a good opportunity for Bhutanese Ambassador to bring the people to pay homage to Bhutan Temple in India. When we are going up to the temple, we met with the utmost gratitude, with the 360-degree view with the sacred outstanding Buddha image.

Then, we continued on the highway, passing through many large and small rivers. The nature on both sides is abundant nature. And we can also see animals that are used in agriculture, whether they are cattle or goats. Because the road is sandstone and still traverses the hillside. We must rely on both the car and the driver together.

The caravan travels to the Indian border area to cross to Bhutan only 3 kilometers. It took not a long time, the caravan was delighted with the large signage that welcomed Thai Rung Caravan. The proudest of this, we see the tricolor flag on the canvas - Thai Flag. This is another time of our national proclamation that we have traveled more than 3700 kilometers until we arrived in Bhutan to celebrate the 30th anniversary of Thailand-Bhutan Friendship.

In a friendly welcome atmosphere with a soft and smooth white woven fabric welcomes us. Along with eating local Bhutanese cuisine together, we feel like a welcome home. Our trip today feels that everyone's energy is about to be exhausted. It's time for our people to take rest from now.